What We Do

Whether you're looking for a casual experience or intense workout, our Tour Guides go at your pace!

Kayak Tours Kayak Rentals
2 Hours $40 $60
+$35 per additional person +$50 per additional person
4 Hours $60
+$50 per additional person +$60 per additional person

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Pricing includes Kayak, Safety Vests, and a Short Lesson.

What to Expect

What to Expect?

Staying Safe

From Life Jackets to Dry Boxes
we've got you covered!

Having Fun

If you're not having fun,
we're doing something wrong.

Getting Wet

The goal is to stay dry,
but we're on water, so expect some Drips!

About Us

With a lifelong love of the outdoors and water sports, Nick and Crystal bought their first Kayaks in 2017. What followed was years of fun and exploration with friends and family. One day while reaching out to friends to take kayaking, the couple had an idea to provide a service to their community that would introduce people to the activity, and offer to experienced paddlers the ability to enjoy the activity without the extra work of transporting boats and gear. Starting out with just three boats, an assortment of Life Vests and Paddles, the couple began taking on clients in the summer of 2020. Focusing on customer satisfaction by tailoring each experience to the customer's request, our goal is to ensure you have fun while exploring the waterways of Columbus Ohio.

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